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Celluma Pro Therapy is a unique low-level light therapy device that delivers blue, red and near-infrared light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions. Lasting just 30 minutes per session, research has shown light therapy, also known as photo-therapy, can:

  • Improve skin tone, texture and clarity
  • Decrease fine lines and wrinkles
  • Kill acne-causing bacteria to clear up existing blemishes and scars and prevent future breakouts
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis
  • Increase circulation
  • Accelerate tissue repair
  • And so much more!

How does it do all of that? Each wavelength of light is absorbed by different molecules that act as a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes. This accelerates the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells resulting in range of health and beauty benefits.

Developed by NASA (so you know it’s smart) and FDA cleared (so you know it’s safe) with nine indications

  • 1 Session $50
  • 3 Sessions $120
  • 6 Sessions $180
  • 12 Sessions $300

BB Lip Kissum is from the same family as the BB Glow. A Korean treatment specifically for treating and moisturizing the lips and giving a slightly color. With lots of study and technology for the making of this product. Kissum is organic plant based and pigments from different plants from the nature. You are going to fall in love. It is applied thru microneedling without any bleeding or pain, achieving a cell turnover  and revitalization of the lips. The person  will fall in love with this treatment after achieving the real “Barbie Lip” effect. The color that shows right after the treatment is not the real color that will stay as BB Lip is not a permanent makeup, it will fade  about 80% and leave with that natural heathy lip tone that can last up to 1 year after the 3rd treatment.

  • 1 session $140
  • 3 sessions $350
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