Classic Eyelash is one of the most popular procedures we offer! The Classic lash extensions visually open the eyes, emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and at the same time your eyes will look very soft and natural. I recommend that this procedure is done for people who want to achieve a natural effect or a mascara effect. I would recommend this for people who never had lash extensions before. 

  • TIME= 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs
  • Full Set= $200
  • 2 Week Fill= $80
  • 3 Week Fill=$100 
  • Lash removal $40
 Removal of all Lash Extensions
  • Anything on the 4th week is considered a full set again

Russian volume procedure gives you a super glamorous with fabulous volume. Amazing for girls who prefer powerful expressive makeup, but don’t want to spend a lot of time putting on makeup. While the Russian Volume application, 2-6d ultra thin lashes are attached to each natural lash to build up a density and achieve a Super Star effect.

  • TIME= 2.5 hrs to 3.5 hrs
  • Full Set= $350
  • 2 Week Fill= $120
  • 3 Week Fill=$140
  • Anything on the 4th week is considered a full set again

This is a service that nourishes the healthy components and minerals of the lash hair while lengthening them. With lash lift, this procedure especially in the summer because it allows you to avoid wearing as much makeup in the heat. After this procedure, eyelashes continue to grow and strengthen. It’s the perfect treatment for those who want to look as natural as possible and keep this all a little <>.

  • TIME= 1 hrs to 1.20 hrs
  • Price: $120

Mega Volume technique with using 0.03mm Lashes. This technique is also known as 8d-15d and is great for fast and extremely fluffy lashes. The application of MEGA volume requires a different technique to ensure that each volume fan has the perfect balance for the health of the natural lash and improved retention. This is the most dramatic form of lashing.

  • TIME= 3 hrs – 3.5 hrs
  • Full Set= $400
  • 2 Week Fill= $150
  • 3 Week Fill=$200

Our Professional brow services can help make your brows look polished, clean, natural or bold. Any additional facial hair you would like removed is also an option with our specially formulated wax.

  • CHIN WAXING: $10 
  • Lip Wax: $10
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